What are preserved moss walls?

Preserved moss walls are a great way to add dimension and a modern floral accent to any room or office space. Even if you're thumb isn't so green, that won't be a problem with the preservation process used to make these pieces of art last. Each moss wall art requires zero maintenance and will keep looking their best for 10+ years, with many lasting even longer. 

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Our Materials

All of our materials are designed to last. While our moss and other preserved materials start out as living organic material, they go through a preservation process after harvesting that strips them of their organic saps and liquids allowing them to maintain their shape and look for the long run.

About the Artisans

Located in the St. Louis, Missouri, all of our work is one-of-a-kind and custom made in the United States by our skilled artisan's. No two walls are exactly the same, and can be customized to fit your unique style and needs. If one of our preset styles isn't what you're looking for, we'll work to create a unique wall that fits your space perfectly. 

  • Custom Hand Made Frames

    These aren't just pulled off the shelf. Each frame is hand made and built to last the lifetime of the artwork

  • Quality Organic Materials

    From the frame to the moss, we use only the highest quality materials so your moss wall looks alive for 10+ years.

  • Made in America

    By supporting LivingWall, you're supporting artisans located in the United States providing an attention to detail that is unmatched.