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Moss Wall FAQ

Is your moss real?

Yes! The moss that is used in our artwork is perfectly preserved to stand the test of time. By removing the natural sap in the moss, we're able to maintain the same look, feel and texture as when the moss was in it's natural state. Once the moss is in it's preserved state, food grade dyes are used to maintain a vibrant color.

Do I need to water the moss?

No watering required. Because it's in a preserved state, there's zero maintenance or upkeep needed to keep your artwork looking fresh.

Can I use this outdoors?

Sadly you cannot use these outdoors. When exposed to direct sunlight, the moss will deteriorate overtime and not hold up to the elements.

How long do moss walls generally last?

You may be surprised, but your wall can last 10+ years before needing a refresh. This isn't something you'll need to replace anytime soon.